Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google Drive...Yes, please!

Where has Google Drive been all my life???!!!

In an effort to become more organized, I began a Counseling Notebook to house all of my important documentation and information.  You can read about this notebook in a previous post.  I love this notebook and am very happy with the way it has kept me organized.

I will still use my Notebook for certain things but I was able to convert a few of my forms to Google Drive, thanks to the brilliant work of Andrea J Burston at JYJ Counselor Blog and Traci at Elementary School Counselor's Blog.  You can click on their blog names to check out the forms they created.  They use Google Drive for Minutes Meetings (stay tuned as I explore this during this school year) and the students that have been seen for the year.  I recreated these same documents and I am so excited to use them this year.

I was thinking of other ways I document throughout my program to see how else I could incorporate this wonderful bit of technology.  I created a Parent Communication Log form on Google Drive.  I currently keep this in my notebook and it ends up taking up so much space.  Google Drive automatically keeps a spreadsheet for all of my parent communications eliminating the need for paper copies. I'm all about saving the trees.....and my time!

I added all of the links right to my iPad for easy access (they look just like apps).

I am still thinking about other ways I can use Google Drive in my program and will post others that I come up with.  How do you use Google Drive in your counseling program?