Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Organized: Part 1

I have been working on organizing my room, lessons, group work, and everything else.  I had to switch rooms in October and below is how I have arranged and organized my room. Stay tuned for Part 2 to see how I have organized the paperwork side of the job.

I give out newsletters after each lesson so parents know what was taught.  I post them in the hallway outside my room so everyone can see what we do in the Hanselor's room.

Here is my "Where is Mrs. Hansen" board so everyone knows where I am (unless I forget to move it).

The mailbox outside my door is for my little friends to leave me notes if I am out of my room.  
~I may have a slight polka dot obsession.~

Another look of right outside my door.

This sign hangs over my door handle so when my door closes everyone knows that I am working with students so they should just leave a note and I will get back to them. 
(Did I mention my obsession with polka dots?)

Right inside my door is a small table for my little bittie friend.  I also have quiet music playing all day and that is where I keep my CD player.

These bins are great for keeping all of the little things I use throughout the day with kids.  There are sensory materials in the top row, art supplies in the second row, and miscellaneous items in the bottom row.

This is my "Quiet Area" for kids (or adults) to come in and take a break.  The kids love to curl up in the big comfy chair.  I have a bucket of stuffed animals right next to the chair for anyone who needs a lovey for a minute.  This is my favorite area because it is so peaceful and cozy.

This is my whole class area.  I am lucky that my room is big enough to hold classroom guidance lessons.  I have my objectives posted in this area along with class name sticks and folders for every grade level that contains all the copies I need for lessons.

I have name sticks for every class to help with class management.

I keep all grade level materials for lessons on the left side of this shelving unit.  The right side is where I keep all of my group materials for the week.  I try to plan lessons and groups a week ahead of time so all materials are ready to go, but sometimes I get a little busy and it gets done the morning of the lesson or group.

This is my desk area that is always a dumping ground.  My goal is to have it cleaned up every evening but of course that doesn't always happen.  Life gets in the way!

My bookshelf with all of my counseling materials and binders.  This is a work in progress!

I use this area when working with the bigger kids.

I have my picture books organized in different categories for quick and easy access.

I house all the extra school supplies for students in need.  Teachers can come right in a grab what they need.

Small Group area.  Kids love beanbag funny!

Counseling games

So that is a tour of my room and how I have organized all of my materials.  I am constantly looking for better ways to set up and organize so this will probably change a dozen times!

I hope you have enjoyed our little tour!


  1. I absolutely love your incredible! Do you happen to have copies of the forms you keep outside your door anywhere on your blog? That is such a great idea. Thanks for all of your sharing!! :)

  2. What a beautiful office! You have so many wonderful ideas! I am a brand new counselor trying to get ideas on how I want to set up my office. Thanks for the tour!

  3. I love your office! It's so cute and has inspired some ideas for my new room. Where did you get your tree wall decal in your quiet area?

  4. I love your office and your great ideas! I definitely have office envy now :) My office is just big enough for my desk, bookshelf, file cabinet, and a few chairs. I have been looking for a way for students to leave me notes, and the way you have yours set up will be perfect at my school. I also love the name sticks idea. Where did you find those pencil cups with the holder?

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I feel very lucky to have my office! The cans for sticks came from Really Good Stuff. This year I am using "Stick Pick" on my I pad. Much easier than the sticks.

      Have a great year!


  5. I love your classroom/office. I myself have a very large classroom. I have 2 large tables and 2 smaller tables in my room for classroom instruction. I noticed you do not have any tables for work space for the kids. Do you do very much paper /pencil/coloring things? If so it is a problem without tables? I am particularly thinking about the older kids.