Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Learning

I am taking a couple of online courses this summer to get my Master's + hours and thought I would share what I'm taking/learning. The first class is "Dealing with the ADD/ADHD Child." I don't really care for the title of the course because it sounds a bit negative to me but thought I would give it a shot to broaden my understanding of students with attention concerns and how to support the teachers who work with them.

The resources below are the required reading for the course. I just finished Module 1 out of 4 and the information is good so far. I would recommend these resources for new teachers or new counselors as the information is geared toward individuals just learning about ADHD or LD. 

These resources would also be very helpful to parents who are needing information on ADHD for their own children.

I'm not sure what I will take next but I will keep you posted!!!

Enjoy your summer!