Friday, August 16, 2013

New Find!

I posted previously about using Google Drive to keep track of my counseling notes. I love Google Drive and will continue to use it to survey teachers for groups and other programming.

As I was searching my favorite blogs for back to school ideas, I came across noteCounselor.  I have explored many different ways to keep my notes that is both convenient and easily accessible.  noteCounselor has it all!  All of my notes are in one place that can be accessed from anywhere!  I have a link on my computer as well as my iPad so I can access my notes wherever I am.  Amanda Lea Chambers developed this secure note taking device especially for school counselors.  

Another feature that I like about noteCounselor is that it keeps track of the amount of hours I spent on all the facets of my job.  It is actually very rewarding to look at how much I do (and we just finished the 2nd week of school)!  

Even though I have just begun to use this resource, I HIGHLY recommend noteCounselor to all of the incredible school counselors out there!  

Click on the picture to learn more!