Monday, November 19, 2012

iPad Apps I love!

I have listed a few of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis.  This is by no means a complete list, just the ones I felt worth mentioning.  I will continue to add to the list as I explore more.  Please leave a comment with your favorite apps.  I am always looking for things to help me with my work with students.

I made my first iMovie tonight.  I recorded myself reading a book for a 5th grade Bully lesson.  It turned out great!  If you have not checked this app out you really should!  The kiddos really like to use it to make movie trailers, too.  I have seen teachers use it in the classrooms and it is awesome!

TeacherKit is another app that I use all the time.  I manage my groups with this app.  I am able to create a "class" for each group so I can keep track of attendance for the group and I can take notes for each student after group sessions.  You can add a picture of them which the kiddos love!  I highly recommend this one.

The Super Duper Data Tracker is great for anyone who has to take data, which is everyone in education these days.  I the goals for each of my students and I can then keep data during sessions or during a classroom observation.  This app makes it so easy to take and maintain data.  To quote one of my special education teacher friend, Jamie Peasel, "This app has changed my life!"

"You Can Handle Them" is a great one for behavior interventions.  I have one complaint about this app.  I do not like how they name the behaviors (the blabbermouth).  I understand that in their disclaimer they are just naming the behavior, not the student.  I still have a difficult time with the names.  However, they give some really great ideas about a multitude of behavior issues.

The Serenity app is great for calming students (and adults at times).  There are a variety of pictures and sounds that can be used for relaxation.  There is a timer that can be set for those kiddos (or adults) who would love to stay with you all day.

Another app I use for calming is Breath2Relax.  This takes you through a series of breathing exercises teaching you how to take deep cleansing breaths.  This is great for the kiddos who are anxious.  They are able to practice breathing techniques in a calm environment so that when they become anxious, they know how to breath through it.

"Feel Electric" is one of the many apps I use to work on feelings with my students.  I find that it is very engaging and it really helps with recognizing that body language and feelings are connected.  The kiddos really like this one.

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