Sunday, January 13, 2013

Calm and Relaxing

I have been searching for decent guided relaxation audio/video for kids.  What I have found is that I like bits and parts of each of them but have not found one that I like in its entirety.  Since I work with such a wide range of age levels, I was looking for one that would work for everyone.  As I was talking with my new intern the other day, she mentioned that I should just make one myself.  DUH!  So I went to work in my bedroom (away from noisy children and husband) and came up with a short guided relaxation audio/video for kids.

I would love some feedback on how it sounds and please be honest (but not mean).  Is it too hokey?  Too short?  Silly?

What do you think????


  1. I think the kids will really enjoy that. To bad their eyes will be closed, the pictures were really great!

  2. Thanks, Ken! I figured I would put pictures for those kiddos who don't like to keep their eyes closed.