Sunday, May 5, 2013

Data Continued

I am currently looking at AIMSweb for behavior.  There is data tracking, action planning and interventions embedded in this program.  Is anyone using this program?  I want to hear the practicality and benefits of the program.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. That's interesting - I used AIMSweb solely for the fluency and comprehension assessments in reading. Is there a behavior AIMSweb or are you correlating the reading data and behavior data? For example, tracking lower readers with the expression of more problemsome hehavior? If so, I can share some things we found to be trure.


  2. AIMSweb also has a behavior portion. We use the fluency and comprehension already. I discovered the behavior portion not too long ago and I am exploring it. I really would like to hear if anyone is already using it. Thanks for the reply!