Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Small Victories!

As school counselors, we work students who often have significant concerns. Working with these students can be challenging both emotionally and physically. We advocate for them, comfort them, calm them down, let them scream and sometimes throw things (we hope not at us). All the while, teaching classroom counseling lessons, conducting groups, attending or facilitating meetings, meeting with other students, meeting with teachers, meeting with administrators, meeting with parents, making phone calls, working on paperwork, checking and replying emails....catch my drift?

We can feel as if we are not being very effective UNTIL.....one of our students does something AMAZING!!! This could simply mean that a student stayed in his or her classroom for a half hour without melting down, smiled at an adult, stayed in line all the way to lunch, etc.  As small as this sounds, it is ginormous for some kids. I live for these moments! It is then that I feel fulfilled and completely ecstatic!

It is small victories that lead to big victories. We need to celebrate the small victories so our little friends know that their hard work is paying off. They get so excited when they are recognized for even the smallest of tasks. It doesn't take much; a high five, pat on the back, a little dance. Whatever you can do to tell that kiddo that they are special and noticed.

Have you celebrated a student lately???

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