Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Superhero Power!!

Superheros have many super powers (flying, super strength, shooting flames, running fast, etc.)  All superheros have one superpower in common......


Without the super power of self-control, superheros could hurt themselves and others.  The last few lessons of a behavior group focused on self-control. I used the concept of superheros with them (they were mainly boys) to drive home that they could also hurt themselves and others without using self-control.

I used a template that I found on Elisabeth's blog, Tales of an Elementary Teacher.  Each student wrote "SC" for Self-Control in the middle of the super hero, kind of like the "S" in Superman."  They decorated their superhero to match their personalities.  Around the superhero, they had to write all the ways they can demonstrate self-control.

Our last group together, we decorated superhero masks and practiced our self-control super powers! Below you will find a superhero mask template that I found at the Just Bunch Blog. The kids and I really had fun with the superhero theme and they could relate with how they also have to use self-control.